Our paper has been published at 15th IEEE/ACIS International Conference on Computer and Information Science (ICIS2016)!!

title = {A Case Study of the Misclassification of Performance Reports in an Issue Tracking System},
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Yamatani Yosuke

OSS開発者のHigh Impact Bugに対する認識調査



これに対して、個々の不具合が与える影響を考慮した分類・分析の研究が行われており、ユーザーや開発者に大きな影響を与える6種類の不具合はHigh Impact Bugと呼ばれています。

OSS開発におけるHigh Impact Bugを考慮した不具合修正時間予測



Ambari Issues Report

報告される不具合の数は日々増え続けている(OSSプロジェクトのApache Ambariの例)






  • High Impact Bugが不具合修正時間予測に与える影響の評価:OSSプロジェクトを対象としたケーススタディ(吉行勇人、大平雅雄)
  • モジュールごとの活動量を考慮したモジュールオーナー候補者予測:大規模OSSプロジェクトへの適用(山谷陽亮、大平雅雄)

ソフトウェア・シンポジウム2015 in 和歌山

ソフトウェア技術者協会主催のソフトウェア・シンポジウム2015 in 和歌山にて,『Blocking Bugの発生原因を理解するための依存関係分析(金城 清史, 山谷 陽亮, 松本 明, 大平 雅雄)』および,『ソフトウェア開発状況の把握を目的とした変化点検出を用いたソフトウェアメトリクスの時系列データ分析(久木田 雄亮, 柏 祐太郎, 大平 雅雄)』,『機械学習を用いたテキスト分類によるライセンス特定のためのルール作成プロセス支援(東 裕之輔, 眞鍋 雄貴, 大平 雅雄)』に関する研究発表を行いました!

MSR2015 data showcase paper!

Our MSR2015 (data showcase) paper has been published!! This work was conducted in collaboration with a research group of Nara Institute of Science and Technology, Japan. The dataset is downloadable from this page.

title = {A Dataset of High Impact Bugs: Manually-Classified Issue Reports},
author = {Masao Ohira and Yutaro Kashiwa and Yosuke Yamatani and Hayato Yoshiyuki and Yoshiya Maeda and Nachai Limsettho and Keisuke Fujino and Hideaki Hata and Akinori Ihara and Kenichi Matsumoto},
booktitle = {Proceedings of 12th Working Conference on Mining Software Repositories (MSR2015)},
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High Impact Bug Dataset

Background and Motivation

Since increasing complexity and scale of modern software products imposes tight scheduling and resource allocations on software development projects, a project manager must carefully triage bugs to determine which bug should be necessarily fixed before shipping. Although in the field of Mining Software Repositories (MSR) there are many promising approaches to predicting, localizing, and triaging bugs, most of them do not consider impacts of each bug on users and developers but rather treat all bugs with equal weighting, excepting a few studies on high impact bugs including security, performance, blocking, and so forth. To make MSR techniques more actionable and effective in practice, we need deeper understandings of high impact bugs. In order to more precisely capture characteristics and consequences of high impact bugs, we collected 4,000 issue reports from four open source projects and tagged six types of high impact bugs on the collected issues by reviewing them manually.


You can download our dataset of high impact bags collected from the Apache Ambari, Camel, Derby, and Wicket projects. The dataset includes not only the information of issue reports but also the information of labels of high impact bugs: surprise, dormant, blocking, performance, security, and breakage bugs.

  • dataset (2.3MB, all data are included in MS-Excel FORMAT)

  • ambari (0.7MB, ambari project’s data in csv FORMAT)

  • camel (1.8MB, camel project’s data in csv FORMAT)

  • derby (1.8MB, derby PROJECT’S DATA IN CSV FORMAT)

  • wicket (1.4MB, wicket project’s data IN csv FORMAT)


Wakayama University, Japan

  • Yutaro Kashiwa (graduate student)
  • Yosuke Yamatani (graduate student)
  • Hayato Yoshiyuki (graduate student)
  • Yoshiya Maeda (graduate student)
  • Masao Ohira (associate professor)

Nara Institute of Science and Technology, Japan

  • Nachai Limsettho (graduate student)
  • Keisuke Fujino (graduate student)
  • Hideaki Hata (assistant professor)
  • Akinori Ihara (assistant professor)
  • Kenichi Matsumoto (professor)

Related publications:

  • Masao Ohira, Yutaro Kashiwa, Yosuke Yamatani, Hayato Yoshiyuki, Yoshiya Maeda, Nachai Limsettho, Keisuke Fujino, Hideaki Hata, Akinori Ihara and Kenichi Matsumoto, “A Dataset of High Impact Bugs: Manually-Classified Issue Reports”, In Proceedings, of The 12th Working Conference on Mining Software Repositories, 2015. (To appear) [Poster]
  • Yutaro Kashiwa, Hayato Yoshiyuki, Yusuke Kukita, and Masao Ohira, “A Pilot Study of Diversity in High Impact Bugs,” In Proceedings of 30th International Conference on Software Maintenance and Evolution (ICSME2014), pages 536–540, 2014.


Feel free to contact us If you find any problems with our dataset.

WWS2015 in 宜野湾




ソフトウェア信頼性研究会,ソフトウェア技術者協会 (SEA)主催のFORCE2014にて,「Blocking Bugの早期修正支援に向けた特徴分析 (金城 清史,大平 雅雄)」に関する研究発表をおこないました! Force2014